Recovery Plus

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Recovery Plus is a true recovery that provides quicker muscle recovery, bodybuilding and overall health.


Recovery Plus

  • Increased Vascularity

  • Increased Strength

  • Rapid Muscle Recovery

  • Enhanced Body Building

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Recovery Plus is specially formulated to give the body what it needs to recover from grueling workouts at the gym while providing better overall health. We added L-arginine which is a chemical building block amino acid that converts into nitric oxide in the body. L-arginine causes veins to relax and widen, carrying nutrients to muscles allowing them to recover faster and build more strength and endurance. Benefits of L-Arginine include enhanced libido [1] sexual dysfunction treatment [2] [3] blood vessel relaxation [4] wound healing [5] [6] body building [7] [8] Improves Immune Function [9] [10] and releases Growth Hormone [11] [12] We added in L-Carnitine which is the essential amino acid with vitamin-like qualities for optimum fat burning. Carnitine is vital for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and provides many other health and fitness benefits such as fat metabolism [13] [14] [15] exercise performance [16] muscle recovery [17] [18] decreases bad cholesterol [19] [20] increases good cholesterol [21] [22] promotes a healthy heart [23] [24] [25] boosts stamina & endurance [26] [27] boost immune system [28] helps promote muscle mass [29] lowers triglycerides [30] and fights visceral stomach fat (the toughest stomach fat to lose) [31] Also formulated with L-Glutamine that is the most common amino acid in muscles, making up 61% of skeletal tissue. It is also one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. It isn’t considered one the “essential” amino acids, but it can become situationally essential in times of intense athletic training or gastrointestinal disease. Glutamine promotes muscle building [32] cell volume and hydration [33] increased growth hormone [34] energy source for immune system [35] increased brain function [36] and decreases alcohol and sugar cravings [37] Each serving of Recovery Plus contains 700mg of L-arginine, 700mg of L-carnitine and 5 grams of glutamine enabling faster recovery, boosting muscle growth and increasing strength.

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