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25g whey protein in every serving
Micro Filtered
Zero ion exchange & Zero fat
Less than 1g lactose so it’s safe for lactose intolerant people
Superior amino acid profile and BCAA’s
Highest PER (protein efficiency ratio)
Highest NPU (net protein utilization)
No trans fats
Gluten free
& Mixes easily


Pure Isolate Protein

  • 100% Whey Isolated Protein

  • 25 Grams of protein per serving

  • 0 carbs

  • 0 fat

  • no gluten

  • no aspartame

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Whey isolated proteins are processed to remove all the fat and lactose which means no upset stomach and at least 90% protein. Whey Isolate Protein (WIP) is the highest quality protein on the market compared to other proteins containing 11-14.5% protein and 63-75% lactose. Body Amplify’s Pure Isolate Protein (PIP) is the perfect nutritional component to complement your muscle growth, fat loss, and fitness program. With 25 grams of protein per serving, you’ll get everything you need for your anabolic window. The pure protein isolate is absorbed into the body fast, transporting amino acids into the muscle fibers for quick repair and rebuilding. WPI will not only give your body what it needs to build muscle, it has also been clinically proven to help with weight loss [1], lower High-density lipoprotein HDL (bad cholesterol) [2], and help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease [3]. With just 110 calories per serving and 25 grams of protein, you simply cannot go wrong with Body Amplify’s Pure Isolate Protein.


Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavor is not gluten free. This flavor has bits of cookie which contain wheat.