Fitness Tips

Write down what you do

Each week you want to do more than you did the week before. So write down each session, each rep and what weight you used. This will ensure you that you push yourself to better your workout each week. Remember, if you’re not doing more than you did the week before, then you’re just maintaining.

Do not overtrain

In this case more is not better. If you do not give your body enough recovery time, it can work against you. It can prevent you from building muscle and can also store fat. A good rule to go by is if the muscle group is still sore on the day it’s time to work it again, then you should rest.

Do not skip out on the carbs

Your body needs carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. The best carbohydrates to take for a betterworkout are complex carbs. They are slow burning and will help provide energy for longer periods.

Do not stretch before your workout

Stretching causes temporary cellular damage which can increase the risk of injury. If you want to stretch,the best time is after your workout sessions.

Don’t waste time detoxing

Our bodies are designed to naturally detox. So simple fruit, veggie detox, smoothie cleanse or hypoallergenic detox are a waste of time and money.