Frequently Asked Questions.

Shipping Questions

When will my order ship?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours

Can I track my order?

Yes. Once an order is fulfilled, an email will be sent with your tacking number.

I just placed an order but would like to change the shipping address. Can I do this?

Yes, you may change the shipping address if the order has not been shipped. Email or call customer service to make these changes.

Can I ship to an address other than my own?

Yes, when you place an order,just put in the desired address.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship within the US

Return Questions

Can I return a product for a refund?

Yes, we offer a full refund (minus shipping) within 30 days on all unopened products.

Order and Payment Questions

How can I place my order?

All orders can be placed through the website or by calling customer service at 913-229-7039

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit cards. Payments can also be made through PayPal

Product Questions

How much of the protein can I take a day?

Our protein is a very clean, safe protein so you can take up to 6 scoops a day. We do not recommend more than that since the main source of your nutrition needs to come from healthy foods.

When is the best time to take the Recovery Plus?

The Recovery Plus is a highly dosed amino acid that gets in your system and works 24 hours a day, which means it can be taken at any time.

How long can I take Boost?

Boost is formulated with all natural ingredients so it’s safe for continuous use. However,your body needs a break from any substance you take, even if it’s made from natural ingredients. When you first stimulate your body, it feels it and responds accordingly. But taking it long term, your body will get used to the change and the stimulants will no longer be effective. So we suggest 30 days (one bottle) then take a break from it for 2 weeks before starting your next cycle.