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Kenton Duty began his acting career when he was 9-years-old in the Dallas Theater Center’s stage production of “A Christmas Carol”. He began auditioning for roles in Los Angeles after he was discovered at a workshop at the Young Actors Studio in Dallas, Texas by Hollywood talent agent Cindy Osbrink. Duty first gained popular notoriety in the role of young “Jacob” on the hit TV series, Lost (2004), although no one, including Duty himself, knew who his character was until nearly the final episode of the series. He was billed simply as “Teenage Boy”. In 2010, Duty landed a starring role on the Disney Channel original series, Shake It Up! (2010) as the flamboyant dancer/fashion designer antagonist, “Gunther Hessenheffer”, alongside Caroline Sunshine as his fraternal twin sister, “Tinka Hessenheffer”. The glitzy brother/sister duo of Gunther and Tinka is said to be inspired by Ryan and Sharpay Evans of Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise.

Amanda Sharp-Mangiapane, Texas 

I’m not a big fan of eating healthy and as a mom of three boys I don’t always have time to sit and eat a meal. That’s where Body Amplify products come it. The protein is amazing and I can have it with water which is always a plus because I hate milk. I’m am an extremely picky eater so I know if I like it, it must be good. Their multivitamins are great too! I’ve noticed how much healthier my hair and nails are. Body Amplify seriously has the best products I’ve come across. So glad I decided to try it… now I’m hooked for life!

Robert H Frizler Jr, Colorado

I have tried several different protein powders and have not been impressed with any of them. I purchased Pure Isolate (Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavor) and was AMAZED, it’s the most nutrient and well balanced protein powder I have come across. The flavor is DELICIOUS and ingredients are outstanding. I have recently started a workout program to transform my body and with the help of this wonderful product, I am on my way. I want to thank the owner/designer for the product’s dynamics. I am a firm believer and would only HIGHLY recommend this product as a one and only, a stand out, an exceptional product with superb nutrients/taste.

Raquel Rubio, Texas

I’ve tried many different protein shakes and each one I chug down because the taste isn’t too great. but this one I actually enjoy drinking! Flavor is amazing! I even compared it to a very popular brand of protein that is sold in stores and Body Amplify destroys it.

Suzanne Baker, Massachusetts

I love Body Amplify’s products. All of their protein powders taste amazing! I love the zero carbs especially when training for a competition. The kick start and recovery are great for my pre/post workouts. And I like to start my day with the his/her multivitamin. Body Amplify offers me top of the line supplements & value. I am a proud user of Body Amplify and I honestly feel my best

Jessica Ortiz, Texas

In total honesty, Kick Start is the best thing ever. It gives you an amazing boost of energy that sticks with you without all the jitters and sudden crash. I was worried at first about this product since other pre-workouts really made me shaky and left me with a rash but, once I gave Kick Start a try I was truly impressed. It’s not like the other pre-workout products on the market…this one really works.

Justin Willmon, Texas

By far the best protein out there. Like many others I  have tasted many different kinds, but there is none better than Body Amplify’s protein. It’s a toss up between the cookie dough and cinnamon roll I would have to say, I can’t say one is better than the other because they are both amazing. Amazing customer service too, what other company can say that the owner of the company will take the time out of their day to answer any questions about the supplements they offer or even weight lifting? Without a doubt this is my only choice for protein. If I’m spending the money on protein I would rather have something that taste great and that I enjoy, that’s why I choose Body Amplify. I highly recommend giving them a shot not only with their protein, but their other products as well!

Chris Johnson, Colorado

Best protein available! I’ve tried all different brands of protein and nothing beats the taste and price! Honestly best protein I’ve ever had. Won’t use anything else.

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